Every Tubi Style exhaust system is meticulously hand-crafted by skilled engineers in Italy, right in the heart of “car country”, near Maranello.  Tubi’s unique relationship with many Italian car manufacturers affords many privileges, but most importantly, it allows them to truly understand the character of each car for which they make an exhaust.  It’s this special relationship and understanding that has allowed Tubi to achieve such incredible popularity worldwide.

Tubi Style North America is based out of the state of the art 22,000 sq/ft design and engineering facility of Champion Motorsport in Pompano Beach, Florida.  From there, Tubi is able to reach its vast network of nearly 150 sales and installation centers across North America with fast delivery and easy access to inventory and service.  The unique relationship between Tubi Style and Champion Motorsport has also allowed Tubi to expand its product offerings to a complete line of exhaust systems for nearly every late-model Porsche on the road today.  Their team of Tubi brand experts have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right exhaust solution for any car, whether you’re driving a 1960 Ferrari 250, or a 2011 458 Italia.